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With the increasing requirement for durable and precision parts, the Company pioneered the use of Fine Blanking for the production of sheet metal parts in the year 1999. Over the years, Majestic has built industry leading expertise in high strength and close tolerance sheet metal parts.

Majestic Auto Limited also manufactures Seat Recliners for auto seat adjustments, Valve plate for Air-conditioning of vehicle, Miscellaneous Door latch components, Safety belt components, Brake Assembly components, Exhaust flanges, Window regulator, Hand brake components, Components related to steering system, Shock absorber parts, Transmission Components. Our extensive component range features coverage for almost all types of vehicle applications including Two Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and Medium Vehicles. 


Link is a rigid, movable piece or rod, connected with other parts by means of pivots or the like, for the purpose of transmitting motion. It is vital part as it is being used to put together various components in the brake system.

Its functional criticality and dimensional accuracy necessitates its manufacturing through fine blanking process.

We fine blank Brake Rims for a variety of vahicles.The Rim is one of the two sheet metal parts welded together with Web to form brake assembly. 

The edge of the Rim has generally three "V" shaped notches or tabs on each side called nibs.

The nibs rest against the support pads of the backing plates to which shoes are attached.

Each Rim has lancing,dimpling and radius bending operations with close tolerances.



The crecent shaped piece is called the Web and contains holes and slots in different shapes for return springs and adjusters attached to it,hold down hardware,parking brake linkage and self adjusting components, it is welded to the curved piece that holds the actual braking material.

All the application force for the wheel cylinder is applied through the Web to the brake lining. 

Majestic Auto Limited is amongst the most trusted name engaged in offering a superior quality range of Hub Flange for Clutch.

Hub Flange is used in Clutch damper assembly that pivots between the disc plate and cover plate.Each of these components have four to six openings in which the tortion dumpers are located,allowing torque to pass from disc plate and cover plate to the hub flange and hub.The tortion dampers absorb the shock of clutch engagement,accelration and power pulses from the engine.

We are one of the renowned names engaged in offering wide range of seat recliners for cars. 

Recliner is used in seating mechanism to adjust the angle of back support of the seat for comfortable seating.

 It is used in Window regulator for raising and lowering  the window glasses through adjacent moveable sections of a divided window panel. this component requires very high level of finishing in teeth profile. 

Each gear sector has a regulator arm fixed thereto adapted to be coupled to one of the window panel sections.

We are one of the noted manufacturer and supplier of Valve Plates used in Air Conditioning of automobiles,operating temperature.Valve Plates act as seals between different pressure zones with in the compressors.They open when when differential pressure in zones are reached and allow gases to flow from high to low pressure rigions during the compression cycles.


Door lock parts are commonly used for security of vehicles and safety of passengers. They comprise of male and female parts. When the door panel is shut the male part automatically slides into female part and the door gets locked. When the lever is operated, the male part slides out and the door gets opened.

We manufacture a variety of door latch components through fine blanking.